!NSPIRE - Helping to Champion Non-profit Causes
Our key service areas:
Grant & Proposal Research/Writing - A successful grants acquisition program is an essential part of your nonprofit organization’s development program. Corporate and foundation grants are often the most cost-effective way to raise money for existing programs and new projects. Grantsmanship is much more than just proposal writing. 
!NSPIRE staff will help your organization capitalize on the opportunity to develop corporate partnerships and sponsorships -- a relatively new and growing area of support for nonprofits. And our skilled staff will guide you in finding the best prospects for grants and partnerships.  We will take the lead or assist you to research prospects and identify which of your programs and projects are most fundable. We will write letters of inquiry, prepare for meetings with grant makers and understand how to follow up appropriately. With over 50 years of experience in fundraising, The !NSPIRE team knows key leaders of many leading foundation and corporate funders, and has raised thousands of dollars for nonprofits in the Chicagoland area.
Annual Fund -The annual fund is the foundation of your nonprofit organization’s development programs. Replicable annual dollars provide the underpinnings of financial stability. !NSPIRE brings professional planning and execution to your annual fund.
We begin by evaluating the potential vs. actual annual giving performance of each segment of your constituency. Second, we create a multi-year plan to increase annual giving throughout your constituency to its full potential. Our creative application of proven strategies for building an annual fund program will ensure your nonprofit raises dependable streams of essential annual income.
Special Events -  Large and small special events – help put your nonprofit organization on the map. A well-done special event raises money, recruits new volunteers, and makes new friends for your organization. Special events also attract needed publicity for your nonprofit. However, special events can also be a significant drain on staff, volunteers and other organizational resources. And, worst of all, a poorly done special event can lose money.
We will help you create, plan and execute special events appropriate to your mission and marketing goals -- 1) to create focused events for your current and potential constituencies -- 2) or decide whether you need an inclusive event – one that seeks to attract the widest possible community participation, or an exclusive “signature” event – a "by invitation only" gathering that introduces your nonprofit to new major prospects.
Board/Staff Development - Training your board members, staff and volunteers in the strategies and techniques of fund raising can make the difference between success and failure. To help your nonprofit achieve the necessary internal capacity to fundraise successfully, our team will develop customized training programs for your board, staff and volunteers. Our training programs will help to increase fundraising effectiveness and bring in more dollars.
We will help identify which segments of your fundraising program (annual fund, major gifts, special events, etc.) and which elements of your fundraising team (board, volunteers or staff) can benefit most from Fundraising Training. We create customized training programs for those specific components of your development program and team. (click here to view article on Trustee/Staff fundraising partnerships)
We also offer consulting services for: Major/Planned Gifts, Strategic Planning and Marketing/Communications. CALL 312-388-0310 !INSPIRE is ready to help.
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